Starry Navy Blue Lightweight Umbrella Stroller

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As parents carry bulky full-sized baby strollers, smart decisions need to be considered when picking them. If you’re thinking about having frequent trips down the nearby park or day trip at your parent’s house, then this Starry Navy Blue Lightweight Umbrella Stroller is a great option.

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Most of the time, parents need a lighter version of a baby stroller without compromising the safety and comfort of the baby. This Starry Navy Blue Lightweight Umbrella Stroller from AmorosO aims to answer that need. It comes with 4.5″ x 8 wheels which let you navigate on paved surfaces easily.

With its seat-belt secure seating, your child can lean back comfortably while enjoying the outdoors. While it doesn’t feature a reclining seat function, it still offers other features you can find in a full-sized stroller. It offers enough sun protection and extra storage through the mesh net bag included in the package.

For parents who want an easy-to-carry option during day trips, here’s a great alternative for your young ones. It comes in blue, dotted with dainty stars. It’s the lightweight umbrella stroller you’ll ever need.



For 9 months and up and less than 33lbs (15kg)

Materials: Metal Frame, EVA wheel tire, PP plastic/wheel frame/handle grip, nylon or wuli fabric.

Net Weight: 7.187 lbs

Full Size Dimensions: 37″H, 17″W, 32″L

Wheel Size: 4.5″ X 8 Front Wheels

Mesh Net Bag at Handle

Lightweight and Easy to Carry

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