Lightweight Umbrella Camouflage Stroller

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Lightweight Umbrella Camouflage Stroller, two positions reclining seat, 6 x 8 wheel, round canopy.

This Camouflage Stroller offers comfort and safety for your baby.

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Get your baby geared up and ready for anything with this battledress-inspired Camouflage Stroller! Thanks to its waterproof, camouflage lining, cleaning any mess would be a breeze!

It has an adjustable reclining seat to guarantee that your little one is comfortable and will maintain good posture to encourage better spine development and growth. It also has a round canopy to ensure that your baby will get excellent protection from the harmful rays of the sun, which may cause skin irritation and inflammation.

In AmorosO, we take baby’s safety seriously, that’s why we have kept in mind to create these strollers with industrial-grade and baby-safe materials to ensure durability and longevity. The 6” x 8” wheels are equipped with a next-technology brake system to ensure that the stroller will be kept in place, giving all parents peace of mind.



Color: Camouflage

Folded Dimension: 41.5×6.5×108.5CM

Unfolded Dimension: 64x46x96 CM

Carton Dimension: 44x20x12″ (4)

Net Weight: 12.125lbs

Wheel Size: 6×8″



A clear window on top, basket at bottom, 2 positions reclining seat, round canopy

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