Light Weight Pink Twin Baby Double Umbrella Stroller

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This Light Weight Pink Twin Baby Double Umbrella Stroller offers comfort and safety for your baby. Perfect for twins or kids that are born close together

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This Light Weight Pink Twin Baby Double Umbrella Stroller from AmorosO is equipped with a set of 12 wheels measuring 6” each which offers excellent control and smoothness on any terrain. Each wheel is attached to a swiveling axle that ensures ease of control when turning. The axles are equipped with a latch that locks the wheels in place to let the stroller stay in a single area.

The wheels are made of plastic spokes surrounded by ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA), a lightweight foam that offers great durability. The foam structure also offers excellent shock absorption even on rough terrains. You will never have to worry about waking up your sleeping kids while strolling even on a bumpy sidewalk.

Both the seats are perfectly reclined at an angle to encourage proper posture and a comfortable position. For added safety, both of the seats are equipped with adjustable straps with a quick-release buckle for convenience. The reclining seats are made from waterproof fabric for easy cleanup and an effective way to prevent odor build-up.

With two children that need to be taken care of, your baby essential bag could be filled with cluttered items and mess, making it harder to look for items you needed most on a whim. Thankfully, this pink double umbrella stroller is equipped with two mesh bags at the handles which are handy when storing commonly used baby items such as toys, feeding bottles, and diapers.

When strolling on a sunny day, prevent nasty sunburns and eye irritation from the harmful sun rays with the built-in overhead canopies. They are adjustable so they can be tilted down completely for your kids to enjoy the sky view when the canopy is not needed.

Weighing just 12.897 lbs, traveling with this pink double umbrella stroller has never been easier. They are also designed with an easy-fold system for effortless storage. Although lightweight, this stroller is built to last for a lifetime. The metal components are made from industry-grade aluminum coated with scratch-resistant paint for added durability and rust prevention.



For 9 months and up and less than 33lbs (15kg)

Materials: Metal Frame, EVA wheel tire, PP plastic/wheel frame/handle grip, nylon or wuli fabric.

Folded Dimension: 28x16x106CM

Unfolded Dimension: 59×72.5×91 CM

Net Weight: 12.897 lbs

Fabric: Nylon

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