Light Blue Deluxe Double Lightweight Stroller with Basket Storage

$221.99 $177.59

This two-seat double lightweight stroller is perfect if you have two children. There’s no need to buy two separate strollers. This light blue deluxe double lightweight stroller with basket storage lets you save while you are on a budget. It comes with two secure and comfortable seats for less than the price of two strollers.

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Make way for a bigger double lightweight stroller, offering a more manageable build than two separate ones. Both of its seats come with a three-position reclining feature, securing your children while offering unmatched comfort.

This light blue deluxe double lightweight stroller from AmorosO comes with two canopies for your two babies. Let them doze off or remain wide awake outdoors. Their mood comes with their canopy position choice.

For optimum maneuvering and added safety, this double lightweight stroller comes with a 7″ x 8 wheel with a brake at the rear and swivel front wheels. Conquer different terrains while keeping the security of your babies in check.



7″ x 8 wheels with brake at the rear

Swivel front wheels

Two canopies with a clear window at the rear panel

Both seats have three positions reclining function

A big basket at the bottom for storage

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