Cozy Indoor Pet Bed House


Your choice of pet house for your cat, dog, or any pet you have.

Your pet will feel on cloud nine with this cozy indoor pet bed house! From the soft, comfy bedding to the cute and well-ventilated structure, your pets are surely going to have the best periods of sleep of their life!

This Cozy Indoor Pet Bed House offers comfort and safety for your pet.

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Cats and dogs need enough sleep every day to perform better in the hours they are awake. The more sleep they get, the more energy they can have to play with you and your family members.

From the name itself, your pets will absolutely feel like on cloud nine while resting their furry butt in this cozy indoor pet bed house. It features a spacious 16” x 16” x 16” that will fit small to medium pets including dogs and cats alike!

The sponge cushion bedding will appease any tired pets and will provide maximum comfort. If you’re worried that your pet might accidentally pee in this bed, you do not have to worry thanks to the waterproof lining that can be easily cleaned with just a wipe from paper towels. The beddings are also washing machine-friendly for hassle-free cleanup.

This cozy indoor pet bed house from AmorosO is perfect for dogs and cats who cherish privacy since it has a canopy and a perfect-fit passageway to offer good ventilation and limited visibility. Privacy is important for our pets for them to have better sleep and to prevent any anxiety that is caused by loud noises and unwanted distractions.



Unfolded Dimension: 16x16x16 in

Carton Size: 28x18x18 in (10)



With sponge cushion

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