Convenient Stroller With Single Seat Front/Rear Tray

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Single strollers, also known as all-around and everyday strollers, are perfect for everyday activities such as walking around the neighborhood or strolling through a nearby store. Get ready to experience hassle-free baby care with this amazing single stroller today!

For adventurous parents, this convenient stroller is perfect for your out-of-town trips because it features an easy-folding design so storing and keeping it safe in your car is surely a delight. With an easy-lock mechanism, it will stay put without much disturbance while on your way to your destination.

The wheels are made of plastic spokes surrounded by ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA), a lightweight foam that offers great durability. The foam structure also offers excellent shock absorption even on rough terrains. You will never have to worry about waking up your sleeping baby while strolling even on a bumpy sidewalk.

The seat features an adjustable reclining angle to offer proper posture and a comfortable position. For added safety, this stroller is equipped with adjustable straps with a quick-release buckle for convenience. The reclining seats are made from waterproof fabric for easy cleanup and an effective way to prevent odor build-up.

When strolling on a sunny day, you’ll be able to prevent nasty sunburns and eye irritation from the harmful sun rays thanks to the built-in overhead canopy. It is adjustable so it can be tilted up completely hidden if your toddler needs to get some vitamin D from the sun.

Weighing just 11.5 lbs, traveling with this stroller has never been easier. They are also designed with an easy-fold system for effortless storage. Although lightweight, this stroller is built to last for a lifetime. The metal components are made from industry-grade aluminum coated with scratch-resistant paint for added durability and rust prevention.

Like most strollers from AmorosO Baby, this stroller also features a large compartment at the bottom for all your babies’ essential items.

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Weight 11.574 lbs
Dimensions 14.9 × 5.9 × 29.3 in

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